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We're oh so loaded!

And, you can't handle it.

Oh So Loaded!
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FAVE BAND//Brand New & Bury Your Dead
BOD MODS//two tattoos & nose & monroe piered.
MYSPACE//Disco 2000

Think you're loaded? Tired of giving shitty applicants a piece of your mind in other rating communties, then getting banned for it? Well, then get your ass in here and apply. Find out just how loaded you really are. We're bitchy and honest. We're hot and you're not. Think you've got what it takes? Then test your luck applying here. After being accepted (if you are so lucky) you can post anything you want, pictures of yourself, friends,flowers, or topics. Of course there are rules. And those rules, are as follow.
[1.] Post all large entries and photographs behind an LJ-Cut.
[2.] Fill out the ENTIRE application.
[3.] Do not talk back to the Members, but mostly, the MOD.
[4.] Do not post about your drama, no one really cares, that's what your journal is for.
[5.] Yes this is a rating community. If you get rejected, just get over it and reapply in a week if you feel it neccesary. DONT ARGUE. You will be banned automatically.
[6.] You must post your application within two days of joining or you will be banned with no chance to apply at all.
[7.] Be active and promote, otherwise, youre gone. I don't really give a shit how special you think you are, communities require unity and a want for prosperity.
[8.] Be honest in your application. No one likes a liar, and no one is impressed by people who try hard to please others.
[9.] Make all posts friends only!

[10.] All promotions must go under an lj-cut You will be warned once.
[11.]ONE PROMOTION A MONTH FROM EACH MEMBER There will be no warnings. You will get immediately banned if this rule is violated.

[1.] How flattering your pictures are.
[2.] How hot you are.
[3.] Your music, yes, it does matter.
[4.] Whatever else the members what to judge you on. So be smart.

This is where ALL accepted members will be located.

[1.] For promoting in 10 non-promotion communities you will recieve an auto-reject stamp!
[2.] For promoting in 10 promotion communities or a mix of non//journals//and promotion communities you will recieve and auto-accept stamp.


Body Modifications (tat's+piercings):
What are your 3 favorite things in life?:
Favorite color?:
Favorite food?:

What's in your CD player right now?:
What are your top 5 favorite CD's you own?:
Do you illegally download music?:
What are your top 10 all time favorite artists?:
What's your favorite song right now?:
What's your favorite song ever?:
[Camera Whore Q's]
Why do you want to be here?:
How did you find us?:
Which member of ohxxsoxxloaded do you think is the hottest and ugliest? (show name/username/userpic)[this part can be ignored until further notice]
How often do you find yourself taking pictures?:
Do you believe that you're hot?:
Give us your best definition of "oh so loaded!"
Promote. At least three communities
Provide us with three pictures. Of your choice. No more, no less. So make sure they are your best.
Provide a picture for the ugliest//hottest question to be placed on INFO page.MAKE SURE IT IS 200X200.

Promo Banner

Copy and Paste the following AFTER removing all stars.
<*center*><*img src="*http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y196/shexxfadedxxpink/join.gif"*/*>Tired of getting banned for speaking your mind to shitty applicants? Are you hot? <*h1>JOIN <*lj comm="*ohxxsoxxloaded"*/*>. The bitchier you are, the better. We're hot and know it. AUTO-ACCEPTING FIRST 20 APPLICANTS.<*center*/>